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    Residential Survey Specialist

    Purchasing a property is for most people, the biggest financial transaction they will make in their lives. It is important to get it right and at R & H Surveyors Ltd, we offer two type of pre-purchase survey to help you.

    Level 2 Survey.

    The ISVA HomeSurvey report has been designed by the Independent Surveyors’ and Valuers Association to include:-

    • Comments on the internal and external condition of the property (including an overview of the service installations).
    • Comments on any major defects or other shortcomings likely to affect your decision to purchase the property.
    • Comments on the overall condition of any permanent outbuildings and in relation to the site.
    • Any particular points or issues that you should refer to your legal adviser.
    • The option to include an opinion of the Market Value of the property; if required by the client and if the surveyors agrees to provide this service.
    • The option to include the estimated rebuilding (or “reinstatement”) cost of the property for buildings insurance purposes; if required by the client and if the surveyor agrees to provide this service.

    The information is provided in a straightforward format, which is easy to read and understand. The report is based on a visual inspection of as much of the interior and exterior of the building as is reasonably and safely accessible. A full description of the service is given in the Terms of Engagement leaflet, which your surveyor will provide.

    This type of report is suitable for most conventionally built residential properties, constructed since around 1900. Properties that are unusual, by virtue of their design or construction or those that are particularly large might require a more detailed report, such as a Building Survey. Your surveyor will advise you further in this respect, during the preliminary discussion.

    Level 3  Survey

    The ISVA BuildingSurvey (formerly known as a Full Structural Survey) is a Survey Level Three service and is a detailed, comprehensive report on the condition of a building. It will describe the building in detail and provide advice on defects, remedial works and future maintenance requirements. The report is based on a comprehensive inspection and may often be tailored to your own specific requirements. You may, for example, opt to upgrade the survey to include additional reports such as an electrical report or a drainage test.

    A Building Survey is suitable for all types of buildings but is almost certain to be needed if the property is very old, Listed, is in need of extensive repairs or if it is not constructed using traditional building methods and material

     Other Types of Survey

    We can also provide a variety of other survey types, tailored to your needs. These can include:

    Defects Reports – This is where we look at a particular item, such as dampness or cracking within the structure and give advice on the likely cause and remedies available.

    Claims Validation – We can investigate potential insurance claims in order to validate whether the claim is related to an insured peril

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